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Tea at The Brass Screw


Victorian Teas

Victorian tea had its beginnings in the early 1800s, when the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who disliked the long summer wait between lunch and dinner, retired to her boudoir to clandestinely partake of tea with “mackeroons, cheesecakes, tarts, biscuits, small cakes and other niceties.” Her neighbors discovered her secret and joined in her habit. Tea became not only acceptable but fashionable and was a marvelous opportunity to display one’s civility, sophistication and china.

This year The Brass Screw Confederacy will have tea at the Fort Wordon Commons ( located right behind Building 204 where the Hootenanny was held Saturday night).

  Tea is Sunday 1pm and $40 per guest.

By reservation only. No tickets will be sent. After purchasing, your name is added to our Guest List and we will look forward to greeting you at the Fort Worden Commons.

  Click Here for Tickets  

High Tea Menu


Raspberry mint lemonade

Hot tea (English Breakfast & Mint)

Cucumber and watercress sandwich on white

Waldorf salad sandwich on Brioche

Smoked salmon and Fromage blanc on multigrain

Apricot scones

Mini eclairs

Chocolate croissant

Fruit tart

Lemon custard