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Best viewed when you see the Airship!

2016 Performances and Entertainment


Port Townsend is invaded by wave upon wave of bands, street performers, vendors, costumed adventurers, and the most eccentric collection of humanity this side of the time-space continuum. We are particularly honored to welcome Cog Is Dead all the way from the far-opposite corner of the country, Daytona Beach, Florida.

In 2016 masters of musical craft will once again delight with their talents day and night...
And then it all vanishes in a puff of steam Sunday afternoon. Won't you join us?

The music never stops at the Brass Scew. The 2016 hijinx included for the member-in-good-standing are:

The Cog Is Dead

The Cog is Dead is a steampunk band with a bit of a musical identity crisis, playing music of various styles. Their influences range from rock and roll to ragtime to russian folk music and movie scores. The members all portray steampunk timetravelers from the year 1893. As a time traveling band they travel to various points of time spreading their message to save steam power and analog clockwork while playing their marvelous melodies for all to hear and enjoy. Along the way they have discovered several types of marvelous music which has helped to inspire their own.

“They say you can’t please everybody… sounds like a challenge to me!”
- Captain John Sprocket

Nathaniel Johnstone Band

The Nathaniel Johnstone Band hails from Seattle, WA, lead by multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Johnstone (violin, viola, banjo, mandolin, and guitar). Their vibrant sound crosses boundaries and borders, resulting in a blend of European, Middle Eastern, and South American music with Jazz, Rock, Surf, Folk, Gothic, and Steampunk influences.

Joining the band on stage is world-renown bellydance fusion artist Tempest, adding another incredible level to the band’s dynamic stage show. All together, they provide an incredible audio-visual experience that delivers solid, reliable music and high-quality entertainment - all while getting folks up and dancing!

Professor Pendergrast's Perfectly Pleasant Peep Show

Experience the Brass Screw's larger-than-life Burlesque Peep Show where for just a little cold cash you get more hot girls than you can handle. Behold! Our tantalizing temptresses of burlesque and seedy sideshow spectacles and fire manipulation artists, the olio of Velvet Revolution strokes your very soul like a happy chicken with a panorama of feats not to be missed.

Den of Iniquities Saloon

Step out of the hustle and into our Steampunk Saloon replete with absinthe and a smoky haze of music. Set across the street from Brass Screw High Command at the Cotton Building (607 Water St) from 7-11pm Friday evening. 21+ and over. Featuring:

Hot Damn Scandal

Finds its songs under park benches and in forgotten alleyways. The resulting outlaw ballads, dirty jazz, circus freakouts, shanty-rags, string band funk, lonesome heart-breakers, and whiskey bottle love songs blend together in a sweet song syrup somewhere between a ramble and a roar. Sometimes called Tipsy American Gypsy Blues , Hot Damn Scandal pulls no punches and puts thunder in your molasses.
Friday night (Cotton Building)7pm.

“Hot Damn scandal performs music that seems to be carved out of the broken heart of the American dream… you feel like you have heard these songs all your life. These are your favorite boots, your lucky hat, your Saturday night shirt, Your old dog that disappeared after the rain” – Scott Casey

Intuitive Compass

Revolutionizing the model of the bohemian lifestyle, following their Intuitive Compasses, the group is a family FOLK show all its own, from a one man band to a Vaudeville Medicine Show, often including Fire, Aerial Acrobatics, with a splash of the Wild West...Dedicating their lives to the traditions carried on by the living troubadours of today, their show is a bit like time travel.

"Shipwrecked" at KCPT

Port Townsend's award-winning theatre, Key City Public Theatre, presents a special Steampunk-themed offering just in time for the Brass Screw and sponsored by Olympic Peninsula Steam, our benevolent guardian and founding non-profit.

Prepare to be swept away in a high seas adventure, populated by a killer octopus, giant sea turtles, cannibals, and buried treasure—“a story all the more remarkable because every word of it is true.” This audacious autobiographer blurs the line between fact and fiction, becoming a celebrity entertainer in Victorian England. “The breathless story of a seafaring wanderer springs to life like a theatrical pop-up book.” —The New York Times

Tickets can be purchased directly from Key City Public Theatre at KCPT Online Box Office

After-hours at the Cellar Door

Come on down to Port Townsend's newest oldest speakeasy, and enjoy some fantastic tunes and superior craft cocktails. Located in the historic James & Hastings Building built 1889, Cellar Door occupies the basement space, once a haven of opium, shanghaiers (commonly known as "Crimps") and other nefarious goings-on... Only marginally more proper in the 21st century, Cellar Door (940 Water St - entrance on Tyler St) focuses on locally foraged ingredients in our food and drink, creating many infused spirits, house made liqueurs, barrel-aged cocktails and more. 21+ only for this event, Friday Evening 10pm-???


Saturday Night Hootenanny

This is the culmination of our annual confederacy! Bands, burlesque, bars and breath-taking displays of daring-do! We've scored Fort Worden: Building 204 for this year's grand show. It's a new direction, different, maybe haunted or just off-kilter with the rest of the time-space continuum, but what a great place to throw a party...

  • Musical lineaup:
  • Professor Pendergrast's Perfectly Pleasant Peepshow - Two Burlesque Shows 8pm and 9:30pm
    • Burlesque show tickets can be purchased when you buy any ticket that includes the Hootenanny. Burlesque show without the hootenanny, that's impossible. Tickets
  • Absinthe bar
  • Magic Lantern Show featuring the harrowing adventures of the League of Steam
  • Duelatorium where you can test your valor
  • The steamiest collection of people you've seen since last year's Hootenanny - plus three who are gonna blow your socks clean off.

Unlock the secrets of yourself in a fortune tellers hideaway. Phrenology? Cartomancy? Tea leaves? Who knows what we have in store for you? All of the relevant secrets of your past, your present and your future will be revealed to guide your soul's greater purpose.

Magic Lantern Shows

The Magic Lantern will present a short film showcase.

Hootenanny ticket AND ID are required for the Hootenanny.

Sound and Fury Morris Dancers

Experience traditional English Morris dancing. Such festivities were performed for Queen Victoria to insure her continued stability and Port Townsend could use a bit of that blessing too.