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Schedule for Brass Screw 2016


Want to know what sort of shenanigans you can get up to at the Brass Screw Confederacy? Our detailed schedule is available as a PDF from the link below. Please note that the schedule is still subject to change.

Detailed Schedule (06/09/2016)



Friday | Saturday | Sunday

  • Brass Screw High Command (Cotton Building - 607 Water St.): Tickets and information, 1pm - 7pm.
  • Bazaar of the Bizarre (Legion Hall - 209 Monroe St.): Buy some neat stuff from our wonderful variety of vendors, 1pm - 7pm.
  • Silent Auction (Cotton Building - 607 Water St.): Find that special something and support the Brass Screw, 1pm - 7pm.
  • Bodger's Exhibition (Pope Marine Building - Madison St.): The creations of artificers and bodgers, makers and mad genius, 5pm - 8pm.
  • Den of Iniquities (Cotton Building - 607 Water St.): Bands, magic and booze, (21-and-over) 7pm - 11pm.
  • Shipwrecked (Key City Theatre - 419 Washington St.): Live theatre, (tickets) Reservations recommended. 7:30-10pm.
  • Pub crawl (various): The wee hours are calling you back with an informal pub crawl. Confederated destinations: Siren's Pub, Alchemy Bistro, The Old Whisky Mill, Pourhouse and Cellar Door, 11pm - ??.


Friday | Saturday | Sunday


Friday | Saturday | Sunday