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The Brass Screw Chautauqua


Erudition and entertainment intermingle in a heady mix of what you want and what you need to know.  Chautauqua gatherings, according to Teddy Roosevelt, are the "most American thing in America". No quackery here!

Saturday Lectures

Saturday | Sunday

Steampunk on a Budget- How to make an outfit for less than $50  (Top)

Location: Key City Public Theatre
Time: 10:00 Saturday
Presenter: Will Brown

Writing Steampunk  (Top)

Location: Key City Public Theatre
Time: 11:00 Saturday
Presenter: Lindsay Schopfer

Join steampunk author and writing coach Lindsay Schopfer as he explores some of the unique challenges and opportunities that writers face when working in this fantastic subgenre. Attendees will learn research techniques, what a steampunk reader is looking for, and where to go for inspiration.

History Files  (Top)

Location: Key City Public Theatre
Time: 12:00 Saturday
Presenter: Gordon Frye

Join for a discussion of the resurgence Western Martial Arts with special guest Nathan Barnett and be part of the "live studio audience" as we record an episode of our podcast, The History Files. Previous episodes can be found at

History of Conjuring   (Top)

Location: Key City Public Theatre
Time: 1:00 Saturday
Presenter: Professor DR Schreiber

Early in the 19th century, magic, or conjuring as it was referred, emerged as a genuine art form and entertainment. Professors of natural philosophy and conjuring would rent taverns, legitimate theaters or lecture halls for the exhibition and displays of the latest scientific discovery, mechanical innovation or mathematical theory. The conjurers of the late 18th and early 19th Century grew these ideas into full displays for all to see and experience. Cultivating the theories, innovations and discoveries of the early scientists and inventors, the conjurers used their skill in the magical arts to create, in reality, what the public could only dream. Professor DR Schreiber will present the history of modern magic in his lecture and discuss how many of these conjurers helped to influence later generations of inventors, scientists, doctors and beyond.

The Old, the New, the Young, and the Screwed  (Top)

Location: Key City Public Theatre
Time: 2:00 Saturday
Presenter: Evangeline Denmark

Young Adult Steampunk author Evangeline Denmark discusses why the Steampunk genre and aesthetic appeals to today's teens and why adults should be reading YA. Whether you're a teen inspired by the technology of the past or an adult inspired by the authenticity in young adult fiction, come discover how much we have in common in a fictional (and real) community of outsiders.

Steampunk Cocktail Hour  (Top)

Location: Cotton Building
Time: 2:00 Saturday
Presenter: The Societe Mixological

Afternoon tea is good... afternoon booze is better! Join the Societé Mixological for a steampunk cocktail flight, paired with scrumptious nibbles and bookended by delightful "edible drinkables." Dedicated to reviving the lost art of cocktails on behalf of Steampunks everywhere, the Societé Mixological comprises mixologists and libation scientists dedicated to reanimating classic cocktails, and vivisecting the essence of new flavor!

Don't waste your cash on crumpets! A scant $30 guarantees your admission to this exclusive adventure. This ain't your grandma's afternoon tea! Let us know of any dietary issues in advance please, We'll do our best to find alternatives for you. Email us at:

VERY LIMITED SEATING to this 21+ event. Please reserve your seat now!

BRASS - Steampunk Serial Adventure  (Top)

Location: Key City Public Theatre
Time: 3:00 Saturday
Presenter: John Longenbaugh

BRASS, the Steampunk adventure serial about a family of Victorian science geniuses who are also awfully pleasant people, has been heard by people across the country via over 50 radio stations and on the internet, and the stage plays "Oh My Azaleas!" and "Fatal Footlights" have been produced at Seattle's Theater Schmeater. Now in post-production for their first film "Lair of the Red Widow," the Creator of BRASS along with others of the company present a special sneak-preview readings from Season 2 of the radio series. Just how did Gwendolyn escape from the Mechanical Bear, Cyril elude the Phantom, and Lord and Lady Brass escape from an out-of-control Steam Hearse? Find the answers to these and other dilemmas, and ask your own questions about the series! (For more information on BRASS, go to

Conjuring Demonstration   (Top)

Location: KCPT
Time: 4:00 Saturday
Presenter: Professor DR Schreiber

Feel the sense of wonder and amazement as Professor DR Schreiber emulates the far gone era of early conjurers. In the late 18th and early 19th century, many believed that the future would hold wonderful and miraculous inventions and discoveries, many of which have yet to be. From mind control devices to time travel, anything and everything seemed possible as the world entered into the industrial revolution. Innovators such as Benjamin Franklin harnessed the power of lightning. Theories of thought transference had been proposed by Dr. Franz Mesmer. Machines in the form of automatons could perform complex and difficult computations and tasks. And bigger steam powered machines could force the land around us to adhere to our will. The innovations and discoveries of the late 18th century sparked the imagination of the public and planted the seeds for future generations of dreamers. Professor DR Schreiber’s performance once again sparks the imagination of the public with his examination of what history could have been. Just as the conjurers of the past, he explores the possibilities of what could be.

Sunday Lectures

Saturday | Sunday

Madame Hoogleraar and her Cabinet of Curiosities  (Top)

Location: KCPT
Time: 10:00 Sunday
Presenter:Madame Hoogleraar

What Science and Steampunkery is hidden in this Cabinet of Curious items? Come and find out. From minerals to mechanisms, and magnets to lasers, the Hoogleraar will bring a simple but fascinating look at science.

Zombie Killer Steampunk Tank Collaboration Project  (Top)

Location: KCPT
Time: 11:00 Sunday
Presenter: Ray Hammar and Jeremy Loersh

Yes, we have a Zombie Killer Steampunk Tank. Join Ray Hammar of BlueCollar Art Work as he elaborates on the power of working together on projects that harness the creative steampunk juices using 100 percent reclaimed materials. BlueCollar Art Work collaborated with Alchemy Industrial Arts, a children's trade school, to create a functional Steampunk Tank which includes the realization of such glorious machinations as a Harley motor, a crow's nest, a pivoting and rotating Steampunk gun, a sonic canon, and a flame thrower.'s Steampunk! The founder of Alchemy Industrial Arts, Jeremy Loersh, will also be on hand to explain the school's pivotal role in the project.

Keep Your Clothes On!  (Top)

Location: KCPT
Time: 12:00 Sunday
Presenter: Carrie Lawrence

Learn about the latest and greatest clothing fasteners of the 19th Century.