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Best viewed when you see the Airship!

Patent Approved: Port Townsend Steam 2016


SteamGal Bodger! We sail June 10-12, 2016!!

We're building the best Brass Screw ever!

We aim to rock you back on your boot heels and steam up your goggles. We're turning it up with our Hottest Saturday-night Hootenanny ever featuring The Cog Is Dead from Daytona Beach FL and The Nathaniel Johnstone Band. This year we introduce our Bodgers' Grand Exhibition Hall where tinkers and makers can display their creations - and win prizes for their special genius.

Tactical Croquet, burlesque, the stupendous Bazaar of the Bizarre, Brass Screw Chautauqua, bands, and mayhem galore!

This year's festival comingles distillates of the very finest of year's past including Friday's Den of Iniquities with Hot Damn Scandal, Saturday's Hootenanny, burlesque and peepshows for the naughty, and sweet sweet absinthe for the nice.

Hovercraft!What's New

Makersí Fair like no other - 2016ís theme is "Patent: Approved!" - We've made it and we're celebrating the amazing artificers and bodgers, makers and mad genius who inspired us. Imagine your science fair unburdened of vulgar constraints such as reality. Or physics. Tentative categories include Artistry (you make pretty), Vision (you make bizarre), and functional (you make it work). And with over hundreds of dollars on the table in prizes - we're putting our money where our mouths wouldn't dream of going.

SteamTrooper Training & Proving Grounds - More about action type? Maybe you don't make things, you make messes. We've got the adventure for you. A day of training for the rarin'-to-go Victorian. Hands-on 19th Century physical training and martial arts drills, along with the subtler arts of the shave, field uniforms, and how to take your tea Regimental style. Capped off with an obstacle course of weapons and adventure. Can you earn your patch? Details

What You Know to Expect

You'll get a smoldering dose of the amazing, extraordinary and bizarre that you've come to expect from the Pacific Northwest's steamiest little Victorian seaport of eccentric arts.

While we aren't the biggest, fanciest, first, and we certainly hope we aren't the last steampunk something-or-other on Earth - we've got something to steam up ingenues and aficionados alike. You won't be disappointed.

The Brass Screw ain't no Con. We're our own wonderful thing. Port Townsend, Washington, is one of just three Victorian seaports in the US and for one weekend it's transformed into our unique vision of what a Steampunk Extravaganza should be: vintage aesthetics comingled with edgy century art, music, and tech - all strapped together with brass.

The Brass Screw Wants You!The Brass Screw Wants You!

The Brass Screw Crew is already hunkered down in their top secret lair devising diabolical plans for Brass Screw 2016. Isn't it time you applied yourself as well? Join us! Whatever your talent or skill - Get Involved!

       - Presenter/panel/lecture
       - Volunteer to join The Crew!



Confederacies Past

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2014: Octopi Port Townsend!
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2012: The Blueprint Year