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Bazaar of the Bizarre


2015 Bizzare of the Bazarre Vendors

Featured Vendors
Crystal's Idyll
I design and create unique steampunk and fantasy costume accessories including hats, capes, bustles and Dragonhide knitted scalemail.
Steampunked Out
Hand crafted leather, devices, accessories, and costume pieces.
Absinthe Machinations
Handmade Victorian and Steampunk jewelry and art.
Anne Moss
I create original mixed media sculptures (steampunk for this event) from ceramic, copper, wood, and polymer clay
Avery Milieu Millinery
Original Hats by Design. Historical Fantasy, SteamPunk Embellishment, Whimsical Frivolities, Serious Rain Hats. Mostly for Ladies.
Mirrim3D Portraits
As we did last year (Professor Mirrim's Humunculus Lab), we will set up a photo booth to scan and make 3D computer images that will be printed in a 3D powder printer in full color.
Nikki McCormack
Author of The Clockwork Enterprises series. Book 1, The Girl and the Clockwork Cat was released September 2, 2014 through Entangled Teen.
An amazing assortment of books, games, and things of the imagination!
Ladies and Gentlemans upcycled, revamped and found garments and accessories to adorn all types of Steampunkers!
The Dreadfuls
We sell steampunk penny dreadfuls, steampunk adventure novels, posters, buttons and patches.
the Virtuous Woman
Kinetic Recycled Wood Light Switch Covers, Necklaces & Earrings. Steampunk jewelry, costume accessorizes, and Mini hats. Steampunk Fairy Figurines’ and pet toy octopus.
World's End
World's End is Port Townsend's destination for apparel, accessories, and decor centered around Victorian, steampunk, pirate, and nautical themes.
Wynwoods Gallery & Bead Studio
An amazing array of beads, funky stuff, gears, clocks, fabrics etc
Studio Foglio
Cheapass Games
Cheapass Games

Studio Foglio publishes the Girl Genius graphic novel series. We will share our space with Cheapass Games (with whom we share staff), to bring a selection of fabulous books, merchandise and games!
General Vendors
B. Fuller's Mortar & Pestle
We are an astounding Modern Herbal Apothecary, with an emphasis on Teas & Tisanes. Unprecedented, unparalleled, unequaled!
Big Wolf Trading Co.
Fabulous items with which to fabricate steampunk jewelry, costumes, weaponry,and or sculptures.Also, hand made steampunk jewellery and fascinators.
Mac's Macaroons Dog Treats
Victorian dog clothes, bullet boutineers, vintage tiles, ornaments, buttons, collectibles, Bay Rum aftershave and beard oil, all in the Steampunk style !!!
MN Creations
Eclectic, unique creations for the discerning steampunk enthusiast.
The Steampunk Sisters
This is Cool Stuff! Not mass produced only what catches our minds eye: Lamps, labeled bottles, Clocks, fake canned goods, jewelry, suitcases, Piano parts made into key holders, leather journals.
Willow Wynd Workings
Custom jewelry, fashion accessories, and assorted eccentric steam punk paraphernalia.
Dinah DiNova
Dinah DiNova (aka Tin Folk Foto) has been hard at work in the art of Tintype for nearly a decade. In this time she has traveled the country with a portable darkroom and a vintage Kodak, bringing the joy of antiquarian photographic processes to weddings, events and festivals from the Pacific Northwest to the Deep South.


Jody Ellen
We are one of the bands performing. We sell cds, exclusive tour t-shirts, posters, stickers, buttons, books etc.
Marquis of Vaudeville
We are performers at the event. We will be selling band merch which includes: shirts, cd's, pins, bookmarks, stickers, photos.
The Nathaniel Johnstone Band
Music & Merch for the Nathaniel Johnstone Band + featuring the art & design of Tempest, Owlkeyme Arts

Silent Auction

Searching for the special something. The Brass Screw's vendors and sponsors have secreted away a source of special little somethings. Bargains galore. Proceeds benefit the Brass Screw. Bidding runs Friday and Saturday til 4pm in the Cotton Building.