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Geniuses of The Brass Screw


Nathan Barnett   (Top)

Nathan Barnett has studied historical swordplay (broadsword, longsword, rapier, and polearms) as a martial art since 1999 with a prior 15 years of unarmed combat. His passion includes understanding the cultural context of violence as well as its technical aspects: The differences between dueling, judicial combat, battle. Other interest that inform this research include music, fashion, and dance. He currently teaches cutlass with BWAHAHA (Seattle) and Embassy Arms Fencing Club (Port Townsend).

JR Boyett   (Top)

J.R. Boyett was born on a rural island in the Puget Sound and spent much of his youth in the heart of Dixie. He enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 17, where he served for 5 years before suffering a career ending injury. In 2010 he received his Bachelor of Arts from Pacific Lutheran University and is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity.

A Philosopher and Theologian, J.R. Boyett follows in the long tradition of using fictional narrative to not only entertain the reader, but to examine essential questions about ourselves and the world in which we live.

Gordon E. Frye   (Top)

Gordon E. Frye teaches college-level History in Bremerton, and has been a history aficionado all his life. Riding well, shooting straight and telling the truth are important qualities, and show his areas of interest: horses, firearms and history. He has indulged these passions by working on historical films such as The Patriot and Ride with the Devil, and tries to keep current on history when not dashing long held beliefs. He lives in Kingston with his wife, along with various horses, cats and chickens.

Cherries Jubilee

Miss Cherries Jubilee (aka C Mariahn Scarborough, Ma Ed) is an amateur historian and experienced corset wearer, costumer, and teacher. After a year of study on the subject of corsets, both modern and historical, she decided to corset daily to reduce pain in her upper back. She has a continuing fascination with the construction of 19th century underpinnings and how they sculpted the fashion silhouette from 1800 to 1910. She is particularly interested in how these fashions interacted and effected the physical, political and personal lives of women of the time.

John Longenbaugh   (Top)

John Longenbaugh (BRASS, Sherlock and Steampunk) is a Seattle-based writer and director whose plays include "Scotch and Donuts," "Arcana," "How to be Cool" and "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol," which is published by Dramatists and has had over two dozen productions in the US, Canada and England, breaking box office records in Seattle, Portland and Victoria, BC. His short stories have been published in "Sherlock Holmes Detective Magazine" and as part of Tony Wolf's "Suffrajitsu" series on Kindle Worlds, and he's the creator of BRASS, a new multi-platform Steampunk series that's debuting as a podcast, a web series (produced by Zombie Orpheus) and a late night show at Seattle's Theater Schmeater. John was awarded the "Footprints of a Giant Hound" citation this year from The Sound of the Baskervilles, a scion group of the Baker Street Irregulars.

Stewart Marshall   (Top)

Stewart Marshall has had a varied career as a tug-boat captain, a salvage diver, machinist and foundryman. In addition to the various jobs he's had, he also found time to write code and fix computers, build airplanes, tugboats and steam engines, and construct Gatling guns from scratch in his machine shop. Starting out as a reenactor in Texas as a teen-ager (wearing original uniforms and shooting original cannons) and playing polo (the horse-kind) in college, Stewart has indulged in his love of history and machines for most of his life. A born story-teller, Stewart captivates his audience with amazing stories while educating them at the same time. He even published a book on building a back-yard foundry which has been pirated in India. Stewart lives on Lopez Island with his cat Marcus, and is a full-time tinkerer.

Nikki McCormack   (Top)

Nikki McCormack started writing her first novel at the age of 12, which she still has tucked in a briefcase in her home office, waiting for the right moment. Despite a successful short story publication with Cricket Magazine in 2007, she continued to treat her writing addiction as a hobby until a drop in the economy presented her with an abundance of free time to focus on making it her career. Nikki lives in the magnificent Pacific Northwest tending to her awesome husband, two sweet horses, three manipulative cats, and a crazy dog. She feeds her imagination through a variety of activities including sitting on the ocean in her kayak surrounded by open water or hanging from a rope in a cave, embraced by darkness and the sound of dripping water. She finds peace through practicing aikido or shooting her longbow. Her current publications included The Girl and the Clockwork Cat and two shorts, In Silence Waiting and Making Monsters. Upcoming releases include a fantasy series and the next book in the Clockwork Cat series along with a few more shorter works.

Robert Odekirk   (Top)

"It matters not how straight the grate, how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul."
"Specialization is for Insects."
These two sentiments have been used by Robert Odekirk as his guide in life. He has for been kicking around the worlds of practical archeology, historical reenactment, gaslamp/steam punk fantasy, and practical survival for 30+ years. As a historian and Marine veteran he has always searched for the more esoteric, some might say difficult, way of doing anything. As a Scout Master he has introduced countless numbers of young men to the enjoyment of being able to do for yourself in nearly any conditions. As a self identified history geek he has studied how society has changed and remained the same over hundreds of years at the level of the individual. He believes everyone should be able to use basic historic tools to take down a tree, build a shelter and fire, while keeping up your spirits with poetry extolling manliness and all while staying well groomed. No-one who visits him on his farm east of Seattle gets away without learning some useful skill. All of his friends agree that come the inevitable Zombie apocalypse, his house is the place to meet.

Scott Perkins   (Top)

Scott Perkins became a writer because it was the only job he could get lying for a living without going into politics. Born and raised in rural Missouri, Scott grew up dreaming of turning his grandfather's tractors into giant robots. He wrote his first novel when he was nine and never looked back. Scott runs a writing/tutoring center at Tacoma Community College and helped found Write@253, a regional writing center for underserved neighborhoods in and around Tacoma. He has been quoted in publications ranging from German fanzine Zauberspiegel to on the subjects of the publishing industry and the Muppets respectively. You can connect with Scott online @Pages2Type on Twitter, as well as his website: http:\\ His favorite character, a mad scientist named Dr. Villainous Deeds has a life of his own and you will find him @LaughManiacally on Twitter.

James Romnes   (Top)

James Romnes is a tweed clad collector of Victoriana and a physicians' assistant with forensic background; when not dabbling in ice cold cases from the 19th century he writes articles about dedifferentiated liposarcomas.

Lindsay Schopfer   (Top)

Lindsay Schopfer is the fantasy and steampunk author of Lost Under Two Moons (2012) and The Beast Hunter (2014). When he isn't writing, Lindsay is a writing coach and instructor for Adventures In Writing, where he helps writers learn about and improve their craft. He has taught workshops for the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Romance Writers of America, and is a member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild. He is also a mentor for Educurious, a Gates Foundation-funded program designed to connect high school students with professional writers.