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Airship Apprentice Card Game


After years of grueling apprenticeship at the Royal Artificers' Academy, you're one step from graduation! Grab your goggles and wrestle up a wrench, it's time for the airship battle for freedom. Play this fast-paced card game to determine who's got mad skilz.

Airship Apprentice

Tournament Time 1-3pm Saturday, Location: The Whistle Stop Toy Shop (1005 Water St). You are a young apprentice on the very brink of graduating the Aethric Airship Artificiers' Academy to start your career as a journeyman maker, but there's one last test. You must face your fellows in a battle of automated airships equipped with whatever random pieces the capricious Masters have provided. Participation free with Brass Screw Membership.

How to Play:

Airship Apprentice is a collectible card game. First, you can (and should) collect cards from Port Townsend's many participating merchants - just one per person, please. Getting extras won't help and might get you expelled.

Next, bring your card collection to the battle ground. There you'll be issued the rest of your deck and learn the nuances of the game.

And then - you play! The rules are simple and the game fast-paced. At the tournament you'll play through a series of eliminations where luck and skill will determine who goes away with the grand prize! The 2014 Tournament will be limited to cards from the newest deck.

Airship Veterans! Bring along last year's cards and try your extended deck against other veterans.

Graduating Class of 2013

The Brass Screw Confederacy proudly salutes our first crop of career Airship Artificers!

Valedictorian: Anna Villa
Salutatorian: Daniel Hazelton

Elizabeth Van Dyke Rick Tuttle Patti Tuttle Gene Guthrie
Kate McClure Kt Sharkey Justin Carlisle Mary Hazelton
Raven Gary Laxson

Get your Airship on!

Interested in trying your hand at Airship Apprentice? Send mail to to get our sexy new packaged edition!