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Enter the World of the Rise of Aester


Pope Marine Building
Friday 3:30-4:30pm RoA 101
Friday 4:30-7pm Demo Game (first 30 minutes is for check-in and character assignment)

Saturday 10am-12:30 Demo Game (first 30 minutes is for check-in and character assignment)
Saturday 1-2pm RoA 101
Saturday 2:30-5pm Demo Game (first 30 minutes is for check-in and character assignment)

Welcome aboard the Ęsterliner Princess Arianrhod, the pride of the Golden Horizon fleet. After dinner at the Captain's table you join him and other guests in the observation lounge for tea and polite conversation. But all is not what it seems. Sudden events thrust you into intrigue and a life and death adventure to save not only yourselves, but the other passengers of the Princess Arianhrod! Will your wits and strength prove enough to discover the mastermind of the vicious plot and survive their vile plans! There is only one way to find out...

Join us at the Captain's Table!

Rise of Ęster

Imagine a steampunk world of adventure, an alternate history that never was...

80 years ago, the skies filled with a mysterious substance called Ęster, blocking the suns light and destroying nearly all the green growing things on Earth. Enduring terrible hardships of the Rise, Mankind nearly perished, but now stands on the brink of a bright future.

Cities of Light with titanic Aeroplexes stand as bastions of civilization in permanent darkness under the Ęsters glowering, corrosive clouds. Above 10,000 feet, shielded ęsterships ply the caustic skies suspended by the Draw, one of ęsters many strange properties. Below the ęster floor, airships connect far-flung towns and villages to the cities of light. The flickering flame of civilization has finally kindled once again.

Although Mankind stands poised to enter a new age of prosperity, most of the world remains dark and filled with danger. Gigantic animals occupy the lands and seas, forever altered by the power of the Ęster. Savage Nightmen prowl the dark lands beyond the cities; raiders and pirates prey upon shipping vessels in the air and the Ęster.

But nothing is so dangerous as the Ęster itself...

Powerfully corrosive, Ęster can destroy the strongest structures or render a body to dust within minutes. It has transformed normal animals into monsters, and even changed some human minds into the feared, raving killers called Ęster Mad. For all the challenges and the dangers, a Golden Age stands right around the corner...

If we are bright enough,
If we are brave enough,
If we are bold enough...
                  seize it.

Who will you be after the Rise of Ęster?

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