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Octopi: Port Townsend!


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Octopi: Port Townsend!The Brass Screw Confederacy convenes every year in the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, Washington. Join us June 6-8 as we Octopi Port Townsend! We're expanding to embrace Fort Worden, an 1897 military post replete with weathered bunkers, military parade grounds and (shockingly affordable) barracks accommodations. Here's a peek wet your whistle. Answer the call to join the Confederacy!

Guest of Honor Diana Vick | Artists in Residence Kaja & Phil Foglio
  • Expanded Hootenanny - Saturday night enter the Building 202: Evacuated Barracks to experience a Steampunk haunting. Bands, burlesque and fire galore. Join us Saturday for a transcendent, trans-temporal, trance-inducing night. Tickets limited. (More)
  • Steampunk Den of Iniquities - Friday night dance and delight on deck or on land in the heart of dowtown Port Townsend at a saloon meets ballroom with live music and livelier patrons. (More)
  • Brass Screw Chautauqua - Lectures, performances, music and mayhem. Author readings, steampunk technology, mysteries and music ensembles to educate and entertain. (More)
  • Octopi: Port Townsend!
  • Bazaar of the Bizarre - The region's best bodgers and artificers purvey their magnificent wares. Purvey their wares in a shuk that'll shake loose your imagination. Free Admission! (More)
  • Inagural Tactical Croquet Tourney - An absinth-inspired entertainment for the sophisticatedly deranged. Croquet meets miniature golf meets Alice in Wonderland. Starts with a "tea off" (miniature tea-cups provided) then play a game of croquet seen only in your dreams. (More)
  • Rise of Aester - Step into a Steampunk world where the skies filled with a mysterious substance called Ęster and adventure is the order of the day. - Dixcover a world where you guide the survival of mankind itself. (More)
  • Grande Promenade - Strut your stuff as a steam-powered fashionista as you stroll the main drag. A judges panel, prizes, bribes offered & bribes taken, and photographers for mug shots. (More)
  • Fashion Follies - The return of our extraordinary fashion and fantasy experience featuring equal parts mystery drama and sartorial extravagance. Open to the public (donations accepted) in Pope Marine Park. (More)
  • Octopi: Port Townsend!
  • Guest of Honor Steampunk needs historical accuracy like a dirigible needs a goldfish Diana Vick coined this phrase the very first time she dressed up in steampunk attire and it has endured.

    Meet this indomitable First Lady of Northwest Steampunk at noon on Saturday at the Chautauqua or during the Grande Promenade on Water St. as she adjudicates the masses gathered for the Confederacy. Her award winning steampunk costumes and props are some of her proudest accomplishments. Currently she is working on a steampunk coloring book, several short stories and a myriad of other projects. You can visit her blog at
  • Octopi: Port Townsend!
  • Featured Artists The Brass Screw Confederacy proudly welcomes guest artists, Phil and Kaja Foglio. Winners of multiple Nebula awards, the Foglio's web comic and novel series, Girl Genius, looms tall over gaslight fiction.

    With a predisposition for disaster and accidental dishabille, heroine Agatha Heterodyne embodies the courageous and quirky adventurer-scientist in us all.

    The Foglios will appear in the Bazaar of the Bizarre and will present their extraordinary Live Radio Show in the Steampunk Chautauqua on Saturday at 3:30-5pm in the Key City Public Theatre. (More)
  • Airship Apprentice - The Brass Screw Confederacy's very own collectible card game. Explore the city to discover cards sequestered within the shops of our merchant sponsors. On Sunday, at 11am-1pm, duel with your fellow Airship Apprenti to rule the skies! (More)
  • Pirates Aplenty - With our theme of Piracy across the seas and through the skies, there will be special opportunities for the piratically appointed Steampunk. Get your costume ready NOW! (More)