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Steampunk Hootenanny at the Brass Screw 2014


The Evacuated Barracks - Building 202 is strange. Decommissioned decades before the rest of Fort Worden not because it was unusable but because it was "odd." Nothing was ever seen but things never stayed put there. Sleeping soldiers reported underwater sounds. On multiple occasions a dripping faucet was reported, sometimes flowing steadily, impossible to turn off. Facilities reported back this was impossible as water to the building had been disconnected. "Double Odd."

Hauntings, spectral water, forgotten passages... What better place for a Steampunk Hootenanny?

Doors open at 7pm June 7th "around the back" at Building 202: The Evacuated Barracks. We promise you spirits and visions, some of them heavenly.

Harper & Hot Damn Scandal finds its songs under park benches and in forgotten alleyways. The resulting outlaw ballads, dirty jazz, circus freakouts, shanty-rags, string band funk, lonesome heart-breakers, and whiskey bottle love songs blend together in a sweet song syrup somewhere between a ramble and a roar. Sometimes called Tipsy American Gypsy Blues , Hot Damn Scandal pulls no punches and puts thunder in your molasses.

Steam Set by DJ Caleb Peacock   Serving the forces of Light with maximum uplift, Captain Peacock is all about raising the vibration of consciousness and whipping crowds into an orgiastic frenzy of REAL dancing. House music and filthy funk intersecting all over the galaxy. He holds down the fort in Port Townsend, WA--the Ibiza of the PNW--but travels and DJs astrally, everywhere.

Jim Nyby plays piano and sings, and through his interpretation sheds new light on the original intent of the music. His range encompasses old jazz, blues, country and folk. His repertoire includes Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Townes Van Zandt, The Magnetic Fields, and many, many others. His music can be heard online at SoundCloud.

and Much, Much More

Deep under the sea, tucked behind buried rocks, lies the Giant Pacific Octopus. With one arm stretched out to ward off intruders, she stands guard for the Brass Screw Confederacy's cave of treasures--its Library of Curiosities. This is a place where only members in good standing are allowed, a secret space where they delight in the oddities of the sea...their very own "odditorium." You may visit, but only if you are part of the Confederacy. And only if you can pass under the arm of the GPO unharmed. Then, and only then, will you be allowed to octopi this eclectic miniature edifice and see the sea's most precious gifts. Sponsored by the Port Townsend Marine Science Center. Room designed by Samantha Berger.

With tantalizing temptresses of burlesque, seedy sideshow spectacles and fire manipulation artists, the olio of Velvet Revolution strokes your very soul like a happy chicken with a panorama of feats not to be missed.

Unlock the secrets of yourself in a fortune tellers hideaway. All of the relevant secrets of your past, your present and your future will be revealed to guide your soul's greater purpose.

This year's Steampunk Hootenanny includes an Underwater Venture open to participants 16-20 years old. The 16-and-up venue will include:

  • Steampunk DJ Caleb Peacock dance hall
  • PTMSC's Library of Curiosities
  • Professor Payne's Steampunk Sorcery
  • Magic Lantern Show featuring the harrowing adventures of the League of Steam
  • Duelatorium where you can test your valor
  • Building 202 commissary for tasty treats and refreshments

ID is required for the Hootenanny. We'd hate for you to miss out on the fun! Tickets for those 16-20 are $5 and can be purchased here. The standard hootenanny ticket, as well as the Brass Pass and our Ambassador members, includes admission to the Underwater Venture.