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Fashion Follies at the Brass Screw 2014


Octopi: Port Townsend!

The Ready Right Now Players, in happy partnership with the Brass Screw Confederacy, are excited to present to you the Brass Screw Fashion Follies. They will happen on the compass walkway behind the Cotton Building on Saturday the 7th of June. There will be 2 shows, at 4pm and again at 5:30pm. In the parlance of all street art, there may be a hat passed 'round for kindly contributions.

Octopi: Port Townsend!

This year's Fashion Follies take the form of a Victorianessque Who Done It as the famous and quirky detective Madd Maxx along with his lovely and capable partner, Emma Watson attempt to solve the case of The Mysterious Disappearance of Ursula, The Empress of Mystery Bay. The Steampunk world is full of easily recognized character types, and so are our Follies. Watch for inventors, engineers, mad scientists, airship crew and maybe even some airship pirates. Oh No!

The fashions we present in our Follies are not off the runways of New York or Paris. We are Port Townsend, and our style is a lovely blending of local, steamy color. Many of the outfits are modeled by the people who created them. We also give homage to the Steampunk aesthetic of reusing and upcycling as we show off Port Townsend's unique Whimsical Steam styling from creator, Beverly Michaelsen of The Wandering Wardrobe.

Please join us for this bit of a local lark, as little Port Townsend dips her toe into the shining pool of Steampunk couture.