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Competitions at the Brass Screw Confederacy


Tactical Croquet Tournament

Saturday noon-2pm and Sunday 11am-1pm
Memorial Athletic Field (550 Washington St)

The Red Queen wants you to come play a game.

Reservations required. $5 per player. $25 deposit for the mallet or bring your own! Reservations for your Tea Time can be made at the Information/Will-Call desk in the Cotton Building.

"Anyone who plays this must be mad." Schedule your "tea time" at Brass Screw Registration and step on to the green with mallet in hand - then play 8 "octipedal" posts (in honor of our Octopi) of the oddest game of croquet on record. Maneuver ball through a mixed-up world of obstacles and challenges. Imagine all the best portions of miniature golf, croquet, and Alice in Wonderland rolled into a leisurely afternoon pastime.

Reserve as a foursome or join in with new-found friends for a game of croquet refereed by the Red Queen with the White Rabbit as timekeeper. Clockwork flamingos watch on as you make for the wickets across an obstacle course of greenery.

Photo Credit: Sam Berger & Nyk Fury

Airship Apprentice

Sunday 11am-1pm
The Whistle Stop Toy Shop (1005 Water St)

Sharpen your gaming skills with the Tournament Details .

You are a young apprentice on the very brink of graduating the Aethric Airship Artificiers' Academy to start your career as a journeyman maker, but there's one last test. You must face your fellows in a battle of automated airships equipped with whatever random pieces the capricious Masters have provided. Participation free with Brass Screw Membership.

Photo From The Hoosegow

Friday 7-9:30pm and Saturday 10am-4pm
Port Townsend's Museum (504 Water St)

Last year's prize winners set the bar pretty high. Can you top this?

What a fine opportunity to take a free tour of the museum. But while you're there, visit the jail deep underground where whores, thugs and author Jack London fretted away the hours waiting for the sound of the jailer's key. There, take your picture with any new-fangled device and upload it to our site to participate in the Brass Screw photo contest. Prizes to be announced at Saturday night's Hootenanny.


Piratical Adventures

Saturday 11am-1pm
The Beach (100 Tyler St)

It was a dark and stormy night when B.S.C.S. Cloud-Runner was downed off the shores of Port Townsend in a recent lightning storm after the Aether-transfusion engines ruptured, scattering critical parts across the town. Scouts located the lost parts, but were attacked by pirates before they could retrieve them. Just before being shanghaied, the scouts managed to write down clues to the coordinates for the lost parts on two charts and hide them to prevent the pirates from commandeering the ship.

Captain James "Black-dog" Galahad of the Cloud-Runner and his First Mate Amelia Madieros are calling all young aeronaughts loyal to the Brass Screw Confederacy to assist in the search for the missing parts!

But be on your guard, rumor has it this town is full of villainous sea rovers!

Saturday noon-1pm
Pope Marine Park (603 Water St)


Got a score to settle with a villain of your choice? Past time to show that no-good so-and-so what you're made of? Well here's your chance...

Enter the duelatorium where two walk in and two walk out, one with slightly less dignity. Challenges of honor, trials by combat, matters of dignity settled by our highly honorable and mostly impervious to bribery judge and referee. Just $1 to test your mettle on the field, honorable or otherwise.