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All-Ages Adventures


The Brass Screw Confederacy offers a rich array of entertainment appropriate for adventurers of all ages. Most of the venues at the Brass Screw Confederacy are open to all ages and certain events are specific for younger adventurers. Admission is free to ticket holders, children under 13 or events that are free to the public.

We're still arranging our itinerary, but the following are appropriate for adventurers of all ages:

  • Bazaar of the Bizarre - A fine array of extraordinary artisans, craftsfolk, bodgers and makers (American Legion Hall). Free Admission. Friday - Sunday

  • Fashion Follies - A panoply of fashion presented by designers and artisans both local and from abroad. Saturday

  • Brass Screw Chautauqua - Lectures, entertainers and Steampunk movies. Saturday & Sunday

  • Piratical Adventures - Junior Steampunks! Only you can save the city a marauding band of Steampunk pirates descending upon fair Port Townsend from both air and sea. Man the guns! Saturday

  • Tactical Croquet Tournament - Schedule your "tea time" at Brass Screw Registration and step on to the green with mallet in hand - then play 8-posts (in honor of the Octopi) of the strangest game of croquet on record. Saturday & Sunday

  • Airship Apprentice - A collectible card game. All day Saturday go around town collecting cards, then meet Sunday to play for prizes at Whistle Stop Toy Shop (1005 Water St)

  • Sound and Fury Morris Dancing - Attention survivors of the Pirate Fight! Admission is Free. TBD