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About the Brass Screw Confederacy


           ...and what's this Steampunk-thing, anyhow?     - Or find more info

We're glad you asked. First, here's a One-Page Steampunk Primer, but in short let's say Steampunk is a whimsical re-envisioning of the Victorian era that encourages wild fantasy and extravagant art. In other words...

Steampunk is Port Townsend... - a mix of Victoriana and artists, hard workin' folk and mad, individualist whimsy.

Now that we've settle that, What's the Brass Screw Confederacy? The Brass Screw Confederacy is Port Townsend's three-day steampunk event featuring music, art, fashion, entertainments of a decidedly whimsical Victorian nature. The Brass Screw Confederacy is produced by Olympic Peninsula Steam, a 501.C3 non-profit dedicated to historical education and building community in the Pacific Northwest.

Next we have a question. How will 2014 go down in the records? 2013 was dubbed our "Maiden Voyage" - the year we properly set sail after our rough 'n tumble "Blueprint Year" of 2012. The answer might depend on you. Will you join us?

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