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If there's one thing anathema to a proper steampunk it's floral polyester. But if thereís a second, itís probably zombies: shabby dressers, boring conversationalists, and always littering body parts at inopportune moments. In this spirit, the Brass Screw Confederacy proudly presents...

The Zombie Triathlon

The Zombie Triathlon takes place Sunday morning at Ft. Worden Park. Note on the Discover Pass: parking requires a Discover Pass ($10 day pass). Carpool if possible.

Participating steampunks should arrive and register for the event by 1pm ($10 registration fee for participating steampunks - free with the General Pass).

Now recruiting for Team Zombies - send email to info@brass-screw.org.

Zombie Hunt

A Stagger of Zombies is released into the wilderness. These are not the fast zombies. Nor are they the aggressive, brain-eating zombies. These are slow, easily distracted zombies, the kind that sometimes wander in circles or pause to admire wild flowers. While the steampunk adventurers lounge about comparing armaments and lying of past hunts, the zombies stagger off, staying to the safe grassy paths because the last thing an undead creature wants is to have its ill-attached limbs knocked akimbo by a motor car. Each zombie has one or more token brains to be relinquished to the adventurer who discovers its whereabouts and persuades it to give up its brain.

Zombie Skeet

Itís a zombie shootiní gallery! Zombies wander back and forth between barriers. Steampunks shoot zombies with nerf weapons. Headshots donít count, of course. (What do you think this is, some silly video game?) Weapon safety: Anything the steampunk is willing to be shot in the face with from 5' and doesn't stain - but the Zombie Master has final authority. Loaner weapons provided.

Zombies' Revenge

Steampunks arenít afraid of the dark and they love shiny things. Entering the foul and fetid underworld guarded by the living dead, the lone steampunk or an intrepid band must find the Brass Screw in its hidden lair, then escape into the open air above. Zombies courteously prevent the wandering Steampunks from exiting inappropriately from the catacombs.