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About the Brass Screw Confederacy

The Brass Screw Confederacy is Port Townsend's first steampunk event, a proper Steampunk Hootenanny if ever there was. Port Townsend's Brass Screw Confederacy is a three-day event. 2012 is our "Year Zero" - laying the foundation for great things to come.

Read the Story of the Brass Screw Confederacy.
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Where the money goes: Half the proceeds from the Brass Screw are split between Port Townsend school system's science and art programs and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network. The other half goes to building you a more amazing Brass Screw in 2013!

Contact Information

Phone Number: 206-799-5069
Mailing address: 313 Walker St, Port Townsend WA (Old Consulate Inn)
Directions to Port Townsend: Here (Cotton Building & Legion Hall)

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